January 24, 2012 TM Group

Entertainment, Dining & Hospitality

Restaurant and hospitality franchises have unique industry needs. They have to manage multiple locations, while still maintaining a competitive advantage against the multitude of options out there today. This is a struggle for many franchises, mostly because they don’t have the right technology in place. Here are some of the common issues they experience when technology just doesn’t measure up:

  • Manual processing of transactions across multiple locations create questionable reporting
  • Limited insight results in a reactive approach to issues, often times missing problems that could be prevented
  • Little to no integration with industry-wide POS systems disconnects business operations causing confusion and inaccurate data
  • Decentralized environments create unorganized vendor payment processing for every restaurant or hospitality location

Benefits our restaurant and hospitality  franchise clients realize:

  • Connected environments because of seamless integration of POS systems
  • Little to no manual transactions resulting in reduced headcount for accounting departments
  • Deep insight and control over financials
  • Accurate and real-time reporting with integrated financial reporter
  • All-up financial reporting of multiple locations with breakout options for analysis
  • Critical business information at fingertips of owners so they can make the right business decisions