November 18, 2013 Ken Jacobsen

The TM Group presents an eOne Webinar featuring SmartConnect, SmartView, SmartPost and Extender for Microsoft Dynamics 12.17.2013

eOne: Software So Clever, Anyone Can Use It!

The TM Group invites you to attend this informative webinar about eOne’s Products SmartConnect, SmartPost, SmartView and Extender. Attendees will see how:

SmartConnect can be utilized as an integration and automation tool, but it extends to become your connector between GP & CRM; your tool to export to file or write to a SQL table; and gives you the ability to automate your repetitive tasks without ever having to be a developer.

SmartView is the SmartList enhancement which makes working with GP a whole lot better. One of the best things about Smartview is that it’s available inside Dynamics GP just like SmartList is. It’s also available outside of Dynamics GP which means it can be shared with everyone in your organization and benefit from the easy access to your Dynamics GP data. 

SmartPost is the tool for everyone that is tired of hitting the post button. Get Smart and have the robot post while you sleep. Decide which batches you want automatically posted, define the rules for your team, and SmartPost does the rest!

is the tool that insures your Microsoft Dynamics GP implementation fits your business perfectly. Capture the data you need to capture at the exact time you need it. Add fields, build extra windows, and brand new data entry screens into Dynamics GP all without writing a single line of code.

Join us for this complimentary and informative webinar to learn how you can help your organization increase productivity!


Join the TM Group for eOne’s Webinar Featuring: 
SmartConnect, SmartView, SmartPost and Extender
for Microsoft Dynamics 

December 17th from 11 am – 12 pm EST