March 21, 2014 Ken Jacobsen

Simplify SaaS Billing in Microsoft Dynamics GP Webinar featuring Binary Stream 5/20/14 from 11 am to Noon EST

 Got Cloud Billing Pain? Check Out ARCB – Binary Stream’s Complete Solution to Simplify SaaS Billing.

Now there’s even more reason to check out Advanced Recurring Contract Billing (ARCB) – our Complete Solution to Simplify SaaS Billing in Dynamics GP – Bill Accurately, Consistently and Competitively!

We’ve enhanced ARCB with new features that will make your cloud billing obstacles disappear!

  • Multiple invoices for single contract based on Bill-to address
  • Kit items management
    • Billing Contracts for Kit Items
    • Record sales revenue per Kit, Kit parent, Kit components
  • Auto-renew contracts based on pre-defined templates
  • Use GP extended pricing functionality with the ability to modify price sheet
  • Easily review contract start/end dates and stats for all three items on contract
  • Escalate billing rates based on CPI
  • Sort and filter contract lines

Want to see these features in action? Sign up for our Webinar today at:

05./20.14 from 11 am to Noon EST