January 13, 2014 Ken Jacobsen

Learn about Rockton Software’s SmartFill, Auditor and Toolbox Webinar 4.23.14

Learn about Rockton Software’s SmartFill, Auditor and Toolbox.

Many users of Dynamics GP often use non-intuitive numbering schemes for Customers, Items, Accounts, and other IDs. SmartFill allows you to type part of the Name, Description, or WHATEVER you know into any ID field, and then intuitively discovers the correct ID and types it in for you. No lookup required!

Find accounts by typing in part of their description or just a partial segment. Find Employees by typing in their first or last name, or even their address! Find customers by phone, address, name, or even information stored in outside databases!  Ever wish you could do a google-style search to find your key data in Dynamics GP? Tired of “looking up” a Customer when you know their name and not their ID? SmartFill makes data entry easy!

Auditor is a simple data-change management tool which tracks field and record-level changes to your
system by user. Now you can answer the Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why of your system data.

Auditor tracks old and new values of data fields, who changed them, when they were changed, and
optionally can require a note for users to explain why they made a change. Now includes E-Sign for
electronically signing documents inside of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

And with integration into Smartlist, reporting and security is a snap.

Dynamics GP Toolbox is a collection of tools our customers have asked for! The Dynamics GP Toolbox
foundation was built by combining three of our popular products to arm our customers with even more
ways to simplify their day-to-day operations in Microsoft Dynamics GP. It doesn’t matter if you are a
system administrator or an end user, Dynamics GP Toolbox has something for everyone!

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