February 7, 2014 Ken Jacobsen

Enhance Your Microsoft Dynamics SL with Progressive System Solutions Webinar 2.25.14

Progressive System Solutions has close to 100 add on products for Microsoft Dynamics SL! 11 am to Noon

February 25, 2014 from 11 am to noon – Register today:  https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/686236728
In this webinar you will learn the top 10 most popular PSS products:

1. Prepaids Processor – Do you have reoccurring journal
entries for your prepaids? Would you like to press a button and process them all monthly? If so, Prepaids Processor is for you.
2. GL Mover – Have you posted transactions to the wrong
account and sub account before? Do you wish you could just move the transaction to the correct account? Then GL mover is for you!
With a click of a button you can move the incorrect transaction from one account to another and re-class the source documents.
3. Journal Entry Description Changer – This product lets
you change the JE description from the screen. It’s a nice tool for corrections.
4. Voucher to Credit Card – If you pay a lot of bills using a
credit card, you should check this product out and see how much time this will save you.
5. AP Void Check Entry Plus – Replace the manual 3 step
process it takes to voiding a check with this product. Void a check or reverse an AP voucher with a click of a button.
6. Credit Purchase Card – Do you manually enter your
credit card statement every month? Would you like to upload your statement into SL and create the entries to update your
vendor history, 1099 and more? If so, then Credit purchase card is the tool for you.
7. MICR Check – print your checks on blank card stock
directly from SL!
8. AR Collections – Do you wish there was one screen
where you could see all collections efforts from? AR Collections gives you one local screen to see all collections efforts on a customer,
update notes, send collection emails and more.
9. Period Mover – Did you post that transaction in the wrong period? Would you like to click a button and move it to the correct one?
If so, then period mover can do that for you!
10. Rainbow Search – Use these powerful search utilities to make searching in SL so much easier. With the color legend you can look up
a vendor with just a few letters, find all transactions over a certain amount and much more.


Register today:  https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/686236728