The top 5 reasons you should buy Microsoft Dynamics GP

August 28, 2014
August 28, 2014 TM Group

The top 5 reasons you should buy Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP helps businesses improve outcomes and boost efficiency.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is an adaptive and responsive business system that has grown from its original release as a multi user accounting software system. Dynamics GP has a very strong accounting system, but it also provides full ERP functionality beyond the realm of financial accounting, includingpayroll, distribution management, project accounting, field services and manufacturing. At this point, Dynamics GP allows for collaboration across an entire company, improving visibility into operations and generating better outcomes. With the ability to add user-specific modules on an as-needed basis, this software provides a modern, configurable and highly functional system that organizations can count on.

Here are the top five reasons why a business should use Microsoft Dynamics GP:

  1. Choices that lead to an optimized platform: Dynamics GP is available both as an on-premise software program installed on local servers and as a cloud-deployed solution requiring much less IT involvement on the part of a business. These options extend into pricing, with both the ability to pay for licensing upfront or with a cloud deployment subscription pricing is available, according to a white paper from the ERP Software Blog. The ability to space out payments and have fewer major, one-time costs can be invaluable to smaller and new businesses, especially when they can still access all of the powerful features of Dynamics GP.
  2. Customizability and integration: Along with the powerful modules provided as the base of Dynamics GP, there are plenty of additional components that have been developed by independent software vendors. These modules can provide specific functionality and enhance the base components of the software, equipping a business with the solution that best meets their needs. The ability to research and select only the additional pieces that are needed helps keep costs low while providing targeted improvements in the most crucial areas. Many of these independently developed modules are indistinguishable from the base platform that comes directly from Microsoft, making user interfaces easier to navigate and use.
  3. Scalable visibility: The usefulness of Dynamics GP extends from the top-level executives leading an organization to the front-line managers and employees doing the work that keeps a business afloat. Visibility into overall metrics and records helps leaders, while more specific and detailed information related to individual processes can be accessed by managers on the work floor. This end-to-end usefulness means that all employees will benefit from the use of Dynamics GP, providing more overall value to an organization. Microsoft highlighted this benefit, noting that the easy access to critical information empowers staff to quickly make the right decisions.
  4. Easy to train and begin use: The ERP Software Blog pointed to the interface of GP as a major benefit. Because the ERP system was designed by Microsoft, it strongly resembles other offerings from that company. In practical terms, this means new users will have a more intuitive experience using Dynamics GP than they would another system. This is a simple concept that nonetheless can significantly boost adoption and help in training efforts. The ability to easily integrate with other Microsoft programs like Word and Excel means importing and storing files – and creating true transparency – is an easy task.
  5. Simple to get up and running: Because Dynamics GP is a Microsoft product, it’s easy for employees to learn, use and integrate. And because there are a variety of implementation methods available, businesses can choose the one that makes the most sense and offers the fewest barriers to entry. Dynamics GP is a powerful system that boosts business productivity and efficiency, but it’s also a lean and agile platform that can be up and running quickly.

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