The TM Group helps consulting firm expand its horizons with Microsoft Dynamics GP

April 26, 2019 Allie

The TM Group helps consulting firm expand its horizons with Microsoft Dynamics GP

The Client

An international consulting firm that serves Fortune 1000 organizations within the engineering, finance, health care and information technology industries.

The Challenge

On the advice of its accounting partner, UHY international, the client contacted The TM Group with the intention of swapping its existing Quickbooks installation for Microsoft Dynamics GP. The company needed more robust financial reporting capabilities, along with seamless integration modules that would port information from its custom talent and recruitment platform and its human capital management and payroll solution, Paylocity.

The client, an international consulting firm, needed more accounting firepower.

The Solution

The TM Group team assessed the situation and proposed a Microsoft Dynamics GP solution package featuring the bank reconciliation, general ledger, accounts payables and accounts receivable modules. The group also recommended using the eOne Solutions SmartConnect platform for integration, as well as creating a custom project accounting application via the eOne Solutions Extender tool. The client reviewed the proposal and ultimately decided to move forward with implementation.

Installation was particularly challenging due to turnover within the consulting firm. The TM Group team collaborated with multiple client contacts throughout the life of the project and therefore worked hard to integrate disparate stakeholders’ visions into one workable implementation approach. Despite this hardship, the group succeeded.     

The Outcome

The client ultimately came away with an effective accounting solution capable of not only scaling with the business, but also supporting the existing mission-critical applications that propelled operations on multiple fronts.   

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