The benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Update 1

June 14, 2015 TM Group

The benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Update 1

CRM phone capabilities is one feature of a recent Microsoft Dynamics update

Microsoft Dynamics aims to deliver the efficient and productive CRM technology a modern business needs to stay competitive. To that end, it released an update to its currently popular Microsoft Dynamics CRM online software. Since May 2015, CRM Update 1 has been made available to most Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online users. The update includes several new tools and features companies can take advantage of.

Collaboration and OneNote
A key point addressed by the update was collaboration, and that’s reflected in many new programs and capabilities.

The Microsoft Dynamics Update 1 allows users to collaborate with team members who do not have access to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Should a member of your company need to share information with someone outside of your office who doesn’t use the same software, they can use an Office 365 group. Anyone with recent Office products can be invited into the group to share documents, emails, customer interactions and OneNote notes.

OneNote is a new feature in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online that allows you to jot down information quickly. The OneNote tool allows you to capture text, videos, voice recordings or drawings from a physical interaction and share them online. You can record audio from a client interview or draw out sketches during brainstorming and share them with your fellow Office 365 users. The Microsoft Customer Center provides a video on the ease of using OneNote.

Single click export
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online has completely redesigned its import and export functions to make them easier than ever.

With a single click you can now export data from Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook or from a Web client. The data retains the formatting from the CRM so the columns, dates, numbers and labels don’t have to be realigned or re-entered as it is exported. The data can be exported to a desktop, a tablet or a phone.

One of the features we are most impressed by is the export’s expanded capabilities. The previous version capped at 10,000 rows of data. The update now allows for 100,000 rows. The immersive Excel allows you to quickly and efficiently analysis the formatted information from CRM online.

Email tracking
Update 1’s new tracking folder provides a new way to keep on top of client and colleague communications. Just move a specific email into the tracking folders and it will automatically be tracked by CRM Online. You can use the exchange inbox rule to have all emails from a specific customer route to a tracked folder for that company.

The new CRM app for Outlook allows you to track emails from anywhere. Additional capabilities allow you to: see if emails are associated with a specific record, create new records, view message history and open detailed records from any device.

Customizations for improved navigation
The home page and navigation bar for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM software has been redesigned for smoother user interface. The new navigation bar was designed to eliminate the need for excessive scrolling or sorting through menus to find what you need.

The whole system can be customized to your preferences. You can pin important items so they are easy to bring up. You can make use of the recently viewed items button to return to recent projects. The style of the setup can be personalized. Colors and themes can be altered for convenient coding or to go along with your company’s branding.

Other changes can be made to simplify navigation. Data can be collected independent of time zone and you can easily change dates on files. You can search date using the “older than” function to look for documents from a specific time frame. All of these added features enable an easier Microsoft Dynamics CRM experience. You should work with a CRM partner to discover how to best format the new software for your needs.

CRM for phone
The “CRM for phone” app has been included to give you the same functionality as a tablet device on a SmartPhone. Now a sales agent can access all the client information he or she needs while sitting in the waiting room preparing for a meeting. You can pull up data hands-free using the phone app’s voice command.

This improved mobility also comes with improved security. Tom’s IT Pro business technology blog reported Microsoft has teamed with Good Technology to incorporate the Good Dynamics Secure Mobility Platform to new CRM apps. The platform will protect data that is stored on a mobile device and encrypt information in case the device is lost or stolen.

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