The advantages of ERP distribution technology

July 21, 2015 TM Group

The advantages of ERP distribution technology

ERP software can be easily utilized to track and distribute inventory.

Enterprise resource planning software features a variety of functions that can help a business succeed and grow. When it comes to moving products, ERP solutions can be used to supervise, manage and automate the multi-step process of manufacturing and delivering goods to consumers. Here are a few ways a business can improve their process by implementing an ERP distribution solution:

High volume
Seo Eng Joo Frozen Food started as a small family business in Singapore. Now, SEJ has  more than 1,000 retailers and food establishments as its customers. Network Asia reported SEJ has acquired a new inventory system to meet the demands of its clients. SEJ has recently implemented Microsoft Dynamics NAV, one of the most comprehensive enterprise resource planning software systems.

SEJ moves 30,000 pallets of food daily. The ERP software has streamlined the distribution of the these food pallets to their multiple locations. The software has allowed the company to automate specific activities and integrate various parts of their business to a single information source. The SEJ team estimated this new technology solution has reduced administrative time for the inventory control team by 15 percent.

Many food distribution companies have found ERP distribution software is a necessary tool for the current business environment. Food magazine stated the complexity of the modern market requires the advantages that cloud-deployed solutions can provide in order to meet the unique demands of food distribution. Consumable inventory has the risk of spoiling or going stale if the proper delivery time frame is not met. ERP solutions can ensure a company’s inventory will be delivered in an efficient and prompt manner.

Clear visibility
The food industry is not the only business with specialized needs. Manufacturers have long been using ERP solutions in order to maintain product quality control.

IT Toolbox listed visibility as one of the primary advantages of ERP implementation. If a company has a multi-step manufacturing process, the software can be used to supervise every part of the production cycle. Each part can be tracked from the very beginning of  production to delivery to the customer.

If a manufacturing error is detected, alerts can be installed as part of the software. Manufacturing, packaging or shipping issues can be brought to the attention of management immediately. ERP solutions provide all necessary business personal with the information they need to maintain the highest quality product and service.

Multiple locations
ERP software is very handy for small businesses that need to make use of cost-efficient tools. A singular data resource can cut down on expenses and wasted resources. This central software solution can also be used by companies spread out over multiple locations.

Supply Demand Chain Executive, a news source for American Industry, found ERP solutions can be an excellent resource for retailers with a wide distribution scope. The software can be used to consolidate information from multiple stores, warehouses and suppliers. It allows a company to track its progress and see avenues for potential growth. As the company grows, the technology can be adapted to grow right along with it.

The adaptability of new cloud-deployed ERP solutions is what impressed Supply Demand Chain Executive the most. The site stated it once took issue with older ERP systems’ cost and rigidness but newer technology, like that provided provided by Microsoft Dynamics, resolved most of the previous concerns.

The key was proper implementation. It is suggested newer solutions should be integrated with a company’s previous system. When adopting new tools, a company should select an ERP partner that will meet their unique needs. Whether it be food distribution, manufacturing, retail or any other industry that can benefit from a streamlined, visible, efficient distribution process, ERP software is the adaptable tool businesses need.

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