Switch from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Business Central improves efficiency for fundraising organization

February 9, 2021 Ken Jacobsen

Switch from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Business Central improves efficiency for fundraising organization

The Client
A fundraising organization that helps charitable clients support their charitable causes.

The Challenge
Shortly before this client contacted The TM Group, they had been acquired by a technology services organization that was looking to make some operational changes to become more nimble and efficient. One of the changes they sought was to replace their accounting software, which was an older version of Microsoft Dynamics GP. They also felt like the partner who installed their previous system was not the right fit for their organization. While the client had internal IT and development personnel at their disposal, staff had their hands full working on their own homegrown solution; they needed a new partner to avoid unduly stretching their resources.

Additionally, the client’s parent company wanted an ERP makeover to help with ongoing job tracking projects and preferred a cloud-based solution.

The Solution
When The TM Group initially met with the client, they were already considering replacing Microsoft Dynamics GP with Power GP by Njevity, which is a cloud-based hosted version of GP provided by one of our partners that has enhanced the system to better utilize GP data through enhanced visualizations and management tools. However, after The TM Group assessed their needs and goals (which included job tracking) we instead recommended transitioning to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. We decided — and they agreed — that migrating to Business Central was the best move. We also utilized eOne SmartConnect to more seamlessly transition their data from GP to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

After completing this project, The TM Group also set up Business Central for their parent organization’s accounting department. The fact that it works so well for the company’s accounting department attests to Business Central’s extraordinary versatility across a broad range of organizations, from project management based groups to financial management for holding companies.

Today,  both the parent and its subsidiary company are operating more efficiently thanks to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Yours could be next! Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a new system consultation.

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