Software ROI for small- and medium-sized businesses

September 9, 2015
September 9, 2015 TM Group

Software ROI for small- and medium-sized businesses

Small businesses can see a ROI from cloud deployed software solutions.

According to a recent Software Advice report, two-thirds of small- to medium-sized business sampled by the survey do not currently use ERP software. Most of the respondents to Software Advice’s ERP report said they were interested in an ERP solution but were getting by with cobbled together data.

SMBs don’t always have the ability to cover mistakes. They may be operating with limited startup funds or thin profit margins. Choosing a new data platform can mean putting capital and resources into an infrastructure they need to know guarantees results. ERP and CRM solutions, like those provided by NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics software, can provide a SMB with the processes and data necessary to support and grow a company, provided the business knows what kind of ROI its looking for.

Improves processes
New technology tools are what make ERP and CRM solutions a good fit for any business. When the software was first introduced it had a rigidness that did not lend itself to every type of market. New tools, such as cloud-deployed platforms, provide the flexibility that SMBs need.

The LNS Metrics that Matter research study found SMBs that did adopt cloud deployed data solutions discovered consistent ROI after proper implementation. The primary advantage reported was the technology lowered the cost of software ownership. The cloud-deployed platform allowed for a more productive implementation process, streamlined services and operated with less IT oversight. The companies with limited IT resources were especially impressed.

Microsoft Dynamics and NetSuite’s ERP and CRM solutions provide cloud-deployed mobile options. Employees and managers can access cloud data from their personal devices. The ability to update data from a multitude of devices to a singular information source cuts down on work redundancies. These cloud-deployed solutions have been found to eliminate wasted time and money.

Works with other technology
Most SMBs have already embraced modern technology tools in some way. Smaller organizations have used advanced tech tools to make up for their lack of resources.

For example, many a local business or small online company has used social media as one if its primary advertising sources. Social media provides free tools or inexpensive subscriptions to spread company messages. Search Marketing Daily stated SMBs have been spending large amounts of their ad budgets on digital media but don’t make the best use of the data these promotions can provide.

CRM software could collect information from customers’ online habits. If a consumer were to use a company’s social media pages or websites, CRM solutions could track clicks and log communications. The Search Marketing Daily article argued SMB retailers are dependent on customer loyalty programs but not enough are using the software necessary to make them successful. Microsoft Dynamics CRM and NetSuite CRM can capture data from a customer’s history and preferences to create a targeted program for each loyalty member.

A modern business needs to use modern tools. Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM will integrate these tools so they are working together in order to achieve the best ROI on each strategy that is being used.

Scale to business size
For some company managers, it’s the “enterprise” in enterprise resource management software giving them pause. SMBs might view themselves as too small to receive the optimum software ROI. This is what leads to companies trying to patch together their own software solutions.

Cutting corners will lead to costs down the road. Enterprise Apps Today suggested SMBs that attempt to manage data without the proper system usually end up missing critical areas. Overlooking key process points will lose a company profits and resources. If SMBs contact a software partner that is willing to work one-on-one with clients, they will be able to find ERP and CRM solutions for their particular business. When a SMB wishes to see software ROI , the company needs to be aware of its needs and work with a system that will improve its particular day-to-day operations and manage its opportunities.

A company may not have a huge warehouse with thousands of pieces of inventory or stores located across the country, but every business uses data and needs to stay competitive. An organization must also be ready for growth. Using flexible cloud deployed software solutions, companies will not only improve their process and integrate their data but they will be ready to expand and adapt as customers demand.

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