Social CRM software and social media

July 23, 2015
July 23, 2015 TM Group

Social CRM software and social media

Information provided by social media can be put to use by CRM software.

Modern businesses are operating in an era that has become increasingly customer focused. The resources and technology available to today’s consumers have allowed them to be more informed and selective with their business.

The rise of social media as a dominant communication tool and information source has empowered customers further. In order to remain competitive, a business must make use of technology that works with social media services in order to maintain relationships with their current consumers and attract new business. Customer relationship management software that works with social network information can provide a company with the tools needed to capitalize on the opportunities provided by social media.

Collect information generated by customers
CRM software collects information about a customer’s interaction with a company. It can track purchase history, written feedback and how visitors use a company’s website. This information can be analyzed and encourage personal communication with particular clients in the future and inform general customer engagement practices.

Social Media Examiner explored how companies could make use of information provided by social media in their CRM strategies. Social Media Examiner argued that information people post on their social pages and share online is information that they are gladly willing to share.

Some people are happy to post their email address and phone number so that they can be easily contacted. Some people enjoy recommendations of new products based on past purchases. Security tools are in place if a person wishes to avoid sharing too much but for the most part people seem comfortable with what they make public. Online social activity is a consumer information source that not enough companies are capitalizing on.

Deliver information about a brand
Many people use social media for the specific purpose of learning about a company. According to a Gartner survey reported on by Omobono, 60 percent of users regularly interact with brands while using social media. Seventy-seven percent of customers visit a company’s social media page looking for promotions and incentives.

Social CRM software offers social publishing tools. First Post Business explained how software tools can be used to coordinate marketing strategies and optimize social media postings. Online company promotion can be automated to give users constant updates. The software can also be used to track which posts achieve the most success.

First Post Business also discussed the use of social network selling tools. CRM software can be used to direct social network users to company landing pages or possibly facilitate direct transaction on the social media site.

Engage with customers
TechTarget, a network of technology websites and tech industry experts, suggested that social CRM strategies can turn data and information into conversations and relationships. It’s not just about providing your customer with information but responding to customer feedback.

CRM solutions make the exchange of information efficient and quick. Speedy responses to customer comments and concerns are becoming an industry standard. Whether the customer is contacting the company directly or posting about it on a public online network, a company would do well to adopt software that instantly delivers customer feedback.

Multiple online resources provide opportunities for customers to interact with a business in their preferred venue.  Once the consumer product review data is collected it can be used to learn more about customer’s preferences and the products themselves. Companies can then share how they have utilized this feedback using social messaging tools.

Promotes consumer advocacy
Proper utilization of CRM will not only improve the conversations a company has with its customers, it could improve the conversations a customer has about the company with different audiences.

Positive experiences with companies can often be shared on social media venues. If a customer post a complaint about a company online it is important a company is made aware. Should the business be able to resolve the issue publicly, it can generate goodwill.

Utilization of CRM software can turn customers into advocates for your product.

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