Power BI a primary benefit of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016

January 3, 2017 TM Group

Power BI a primary benefit of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers the visualized data businesses need.

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 offers the popular ERP features customers have come to love while adding updates for mobility and convenience. One new feature highlighted by ZDNet was the system’s integration with Power BI. Along with Document Viewer and SmartLists, Power BI with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 gives businesses the convenient answers they need through automated reporting and an intuitive display.

Companies of every size need to capitalize on the big data trend. Most organizations ditch pen and paper processes in exchange for business software solutions that provide information for every employee – not just company executives. Knowing what resources are available, where assets are allocated and which consumer audiences currently respond to plans allows each company representative to make smart decisions built on business intelligence.  

Information works together
While many companies implement ERP solutions to gain visibility of specific datasets – such as financial accounting or inventory – a fully integrated solution allows businesses to see how information works together. When decision makers can see how inventory and sales numbers influence each other, they can decide if lean stock levels are a proper strategy or if it’s time for a new idea.

Small Business Trends detailed how Microsoft Power BI provides functionality for simple data integration. Users can pull data from a variety of sources. The ERP solution has built-in features that work with common business tools like Microsoft Office 365, which means employees can capture data through a few simple clicks. Organizations with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM components can integrate the two systems to fully understand how enterprise decisions affect consumer reactions. 

Other third party add-ons allow Power BI to integrate information from other business solutions. Businesses can speak with an ERP consultant to see which automated data processing technology can give them an edge when designing BI systems.

Visualization of important data
Providing solutions for everyone is a primary goal for Microsoft Company, according to the Microsoft Power BI blog. Some organizations may think they need specific employees with information system experience to make the most of datasets, but the easy and intuitive functionality of Microsoft Dynamics GP means anyone can learn from massive amounts of information.

Microsoft Dynamics GP helps users turn data records into charts, graphs and other visualized information. The 2016 edition allows employees and managers to see this information on the homepage. This visualized data means everyone starts tasks with the insight they need. Also, turning reports into attractive displays helps communicate the information to outside departments or important decision makers.

Selfservice is the future
By working with an
ERP partner, businesses can create workflows and dashboards that prioritize information and streamline their processes. Each person who works with the system will get the results they want from automated reporting and specially designed-features. This means Power BI answers are created without waiting for other employees to perform certain tasks. A self-service solution like Microsoft Dynamics GP and Power BI eliminates co-worker frustration while speeding up all activities.

BI becomes increasingly mobile
Many businesses perform ERP implementations through cloud-deployed options. PC magazine said putting BI features
into the hands of employees is more valuable in the modern world than solutions confined to desktops. Mobile solutions become ever more popular, and Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 is available through a flexible web browser so it’s even more convenient than before. 

Each employee can turn to a mobile device to get the Power BI they need while out meeting with clients, walking warehouse floors or performing other company projects. This is the speed and simplicity businesses need to make intelligence a practical and profitable tool. 

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