NetSuite provides a modern solution for business connectivity, productivity

November 25, 2014
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November 25, 2014 TM Group

NetSuite provides a modern solution for business connectivity, productivity

NetSuite offers advantages to a variety of businesses.

Moving past a legacy system and onto a more modern solution for ERP- and CRM-related needs can be difficult for businesses, even when the need is readily apparent. The time, money and effort that go into such a change can discourage company leaders – until they realize the true costs that an outdated, limited and unsupported CRM or ERP system will bring. The good news for businesses is the wide range of systems currently available which provide solutions that fit into a wide variety of budgets and organizational structures. Organizations can find powerful platforms that don’t require on-site hosting and are based on subscription fees instead of a singe large, upfront cost, such as NetSuite.

Just one example
Of course, cost can’t be the only consideration for a business when it comes to choosing the software they’ll use to manage operations and track their customers. Effectiveness is the most important part of selecting a newer, more agile system, as long as it fits into the budget of a company. Industry website Destination CRM recently focused on the case of publishing company Network Communications, a midsize business that, until recently, had been using two outdated ERP and CRM systems. When an upgrade for the organization’s Infor ERP system was due, leaders had to decide how to proceed. The cost of the upgrade, due to a few years of inaction, was close to $1 million. The diminishing returns provided by the ERP and a separate, publishing industry-specific CRM system in place to handle its many advertising clients was becoming a burden on the business.

After a careful deliberation process, the company decided to go with NetSuite. One of the biggest advantages noted by Network Communications Senior Vice President Diana Young in the SearchCRM article was the ability of NetSuite to combine the functions of traditional ERP and CRM systems. After both parts of the systems were implemented, Young cited the increased transparency and access to information as some of the biggest operational benefits. The end-to-end functionality of NetSuite, as both a CRM and ERP system, is often cited as a major reason why companies decide to implement it ahead of another solution.

What makes it different?
NetSuite’s integration is an important part of its overall success as a cloud CRM and ERP platform, but it’s not the only reason why businesses decide to use it. The ability of the software to extend to vendors, partners and other business associates through the use of self-service portals is an important concept in an increasingly connected business world. NetSuite itself highlighted the additional areas where its namesake platform comes into play, including the implementation of ecommerce services on a business website and employee management and productivity functionality as well. The flexibility of NetSuite allows companies in many different industries and markets to use the most relevant features and create a business process management system that best meets their unique, individual needs.

What steps can businesses take?
While NetSuite is a cloud CRM and ERP solution with highly flexible components, it’s not a simple platform by any means. There are plenty of technical details that go into a successful implementation, just one reason why businesses should choose a top-flight partner to help them along in the process. Partners who have experience with NetSuite can help businesses better realize the benefits of the platform and develop the features that will provide the most benefit to a given organization. The ongoing support that such a partner provides also needs to be considered in terms of the long view of successful operations and future updates.

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