NetSuite offers solutions to global operations

September 25, 2015
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September 25, 2015 TM Group

NetSuite offers solutions to global operations

NetSuite offers centralized data platforms for global business.

Modern companies can reach an incredibly large number of consumers when using the right solutions. Thanks to technology, a customer can browse a company’s product selection on their preferred mobile device from anywhere in the world.

Many companies explore ways to ensure their service is consistent to every shopper, regardless of location. NetSuite, one of the industry’s leading providers of cloud-deployed commerce platforms and ERP solutions, has taken steps to provide global solutions for such businesses.

ZDNet said NetSuite wants to build more partnerships in Europe to provide cloud solutions for organizations operating in a big data world. The tools provided by NetSuite allow companies to perform all business functions using a centralized platform. If a company has locations in multiple countries and takes orders from shoppers on various platforms, all procedures route through a single database. This way, every corner of the business provides the same level of service to its international clientele.

NetSuite acquires global partners
To appeal to new markets, NetSuite started working with regional companies to provide software subscribers with superior technology.

In July 2014, NetSuite acquired platform provider Venda. NetSuite described Venda as one of the pioneers of cloud-deployed commerce solutions. Venda’s platform allows companies to unify online and in-store procedures. Customers receive a uniform brand impression whether they interact with a company on its website, through social media or at a brick-and-mortar location.

The London-based business’s clients include Tesco F&F Clothing, Laura Ashley and Little Tikes. NetSuite plans to learn from Venda’s rich experience providing customer engagement technology to multiple types of European retailers.

This acquisition is just one of many projects fueling NetSuite’s expansion into new territories. Enterprise Apps Today shared the results of a Gartner report that found NetSuite’s business in Europe, the Middle East and Asia increased by 33 percent in 2013 compared to the previous year.

Online retail is growing more popular in Europe and e-commerce leads to more global audiences. Companies looking for cloud-deployed solutions fuel NetSuite’s success in the global market. Many businesses want to host data offsite to supplement existing ERP software. Companies are also interested in finding an ERP partner that can unify processes.

Examples of global companies using NetSuite
MarketWatch reported New Zealand’s largest home renovation building specialist, Refresh Renovations, went live with NetSuite on August 11, 2015. The company has 35 franchise locations scattered across two countries. The business has to work with more than one type of currency and handles multi-country tax management as well. Refresh Renovations replaced 26 distinct software systems with a single NetSuite platform to consolidate business practices.

With the NetSuite solution, the head office has control of the system. Each franchise reports back to the central data platform. Company leaders manage operations for the entire infrastructure using data streaming in from every location. All leads and projects are prioritized based on available materials and employees. Time and money is saved through streamlined communications. There is also less overhead, as the company doesn’t have to pay as much as it did to maintain its previous system.

Each franchise has reported increased satisfaction with NetSuite operations. Needless steps have been eliminated and the system is much more intuitive. What’s more, automated processes can be tailored and altered to meet user demands without calling for specialized programmers.

The NetSuite website stated many companies in the region have reported similar success with the platform. An Australian handbag and accessory retailer used NetSuite technology to unify operations between its seven subsidiaries located across six countries. No matter where a company is located, NetSuite ensures the customers frequenting a business are met with consistent service and each interaction is fed into the central company database to create a singular brand.

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