NetSuite a key component of omnichannel interaction, sales, planning

September 23, 2014
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September 23, 2014 TM Group

NetSuite a key component of omnichannel interaction, sales, planning

NetSuite provides actionable solutions for a wide variety of industries.

Among the advanced business management platforms currently on the market, including both enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management systems, NetSuite stands out for businesses with a significant sales component. NetSuite offers the various aspects of ERP and CRM to provide end-to-end visibility for all facets of operation. Uniquely, the platform also adds a powerful e-commerce system that’s a great fit for businesses both starting out in the online sales field and those with an established presence looking to improve their outcomes with operating such a store.

The rising trends of both omnichannel interactions with consumers, as well as omnichannel sales, makes a connected system with built-in e-commerce capability an important consideration. Marketing and sales site 1 to 1 Media pointed out that the seamless experience, wherein customers effortlessly interact with a company through many different communication channels, is both a trend and a good business practice. The omnichannel concept is an expansion of the original term multichannel, with the difference being an emphasis on seamless interaction and transition between different avenues of communication, whether it’s through phone calls, email, social media or in-person conversation. The same concept applies for sales. With NetSuite, businesses can effectively manage omnichannel experiences.

Flexibility for individual sales needs
The many significant differences between business-to-business sales and those going directly to an individual consumer are well-known for companies on both sides of the divide. One of the most valuable components of NetSuite SuiteCommerce is that it’s equally effective for both B2B and B2C sales. Instead of trying to force a single system to adapt to the unique needs of one of these operational models, organizations can effectively manage the unique needs of their operations. This flexibility extends to many different configurations. Companies can effectively incorporate any sort of operational approach, from a single B2B sales warehouse to a B2C business with multiple locations and inventory storage locations.

Real-time visibility
Managing business needs in the present moment is a growing need for organizations of all stripes. NetSuite OneWorld provides a Web-based solution incorporating ERP capabilities, reducing both the initial investment and total cost of ownership without affecting performance. When it comes to crossing borders for the purpose of commerce, OneWorld is a powerful tool. It can help companies reconcile a wide variety of issues, from translating and converting currency and product prices to dealing with tariffs and taxes. Guidance with and insight into reporting requirements are also provided. International businesses that deal with partner and subsidiary firms can track complex transactions between these different entities with OneWorld as well.

Project management when it’s needed
Businesses that are project-oriented have to deal with sales and resource management concerns along with unique requirements for project management. NetSuite OpenAir is a powerful solution for gaining visibility into all the concerns of a project-based company. The platform covers everything from resources and personnel to accounting, timesheets and expenses. Better management of projects means shorter timelines for completion and delivery, as well as the potential for increased profitability and fewer excess expenditures.

Customizability in a useful package
Despite the many different prepackaged applications for NetSuite, there are still plenty of reasons that businesses will need additional functionality. This is where the SuiteCloud platform comes into play. Companies can select value-added components that meet industry-wide and individual requirements. This secure, scalable approach to customization meets and exceeds a wide variety of different operational needs. Organizations that are looking for a way to further improve their NetSuite functionality can use SiteCloud to find the components that will spur productivity and success.

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