What is Microsoft Social Engagement?

October 3, 2017 Ken Jacobsen

What is Microsoft Social Engagement?

Microsoft Social Engagement

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a unique platform that gives you the power of business intelligence from Cortana Intelligence across combined customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning solutions platforms. This powerful system allows managers to better streamline their processes, forecast business situations and cut operational costs.

Microsoft has taken this solution one step further by allowing professionals to add a key social selling feature called Social Engagement to Microsoft Dynamics 365. Salespeople can download the dashboard directly into their Dynamics 365 for Sales application. They can then access this dashboard for tablets and from the Dynamics 365 web client, but it doesn’t yet support Dynamics 365 for phones.

Why is this such an important feature for salespeople? Simple: Social media platforms have become a pivotal resource to generate sales based on referrals.

“84 percent of B2B buyers are beginning their purchasing process with a referral.”

Salespeople are using social media like never before
A Heniz Marketing survey of 600 North American B2B professionals, according to Small Business Trends, found that more and more B2B buyers (84 percent) are
beginning their purchasing process with a referral. And 71 percent of companies that have a referral program see a higher rate of buyer conversions.

What does this say about B2B buyers? They’re increasingly vigilant about who they purchase their products and services from, and they’re much more diligent about working with companies that have high approval ratings.

That’s where social media comes into play.
Salespeople are quickly picking up on how great a tool social media is for companies to increase their brand awareness, engagement and approval ratings. A LinkedIn report found that 90 percent of sales professional leaders
use social selling tools to convert sales. It’s easy to see why Microsoft decided to integrate a social selling feature to its Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform.

What is included in the latest Social Engagement update?
The new release enables professionals to publish posts directly from Microsoft Social Engagement to their personal LinkedIn accounts. They can also toggle on and off privacy settings, which allow users to share the post with everyone or just their networks.

The update has also added two languages to the user interface – Chinese and Japanese.

Finally, the update has resolved a number of problems regarding post readability, RSS feeds and other display problems.

Make sure your salespeople are well equipped to sell your company’s products efficiently by using Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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