Microsoft Dynamics GP helps small businesses deliver

April 19, 2016 TM Group

Microsoft Dynamics GP helps small businesses deliver

Microsoft Dynamics GP helps small businesses streamline, improve and speed up a variety of small-business operations. The features provided in the most recent version of the product include workflow templates that alert all users when necessary actions must be taken and when it’s time to get in contact with fellow employees or clients.

One example of a business process that could be improved by Microsoft Dynamics GP is shipping. As small companies begin offering their products through eCommerce channels, they need the infrastructure in place to manage, monitor and facilitate the new platform. A business software system that shares data, automates certain tasks and creates a unified record of actions can help companies provide customers with the merchandise – and information – they need to be happy.

Problems to avoid
Kissmetrics, a business information resource, recently compiled statistics from numerous industry studies to determine why online shoppers abandon a company’s checkout process. Learning shipping and handling costs were too high was the primary reason why consumers stopped a transaction.

Improving the visibility of a business operation allows a company to find the most cost-effective solution. If ERP solutions can show decision-makers how account information, inventory levels, employee availability and business assets work together, they can recognize where costs can be cut or new solutions are desperately needed.

Microsoft Dynamics GP provides a central solution to observe data. The business software can also automate back office routines, so implementation may save workers time and companies resources. Even when ERP integration doesn’t directly lower costs, it may offer a chance to learn what will.

Streamlined operations
The workflow templates in Microsoft Dynamics GP allow different employees to fulfill client orders without making mistakes or entering contradictory information. Using a single record in a flexible system keeps data consistent.

Microsoft Dynamic GP’s automated performance helps companies create dependable delivery schedules. The system can send warnings when it’s time for a user to make an action. If the business promises shipment in two days, the ERP solution prevents miscommunications or oversight that may alter that projection. With the proper business software, managers can ensure necessary tasks are accomplished as fast as possible, which is good for customers and the business.

Sharable data
Kissmetrics discovered another reason customers give up on online purchases is a lack of delivery and inventory information available on the site. Microsoft Dynamics GP creates sharable datasets. Not only is it easy to convert information to common office programs like Excel, but businesses can integrate ERP findings with eCommerce platforms.

When implemented correctly, there’s no reason Microsoft Dynamics GP can’t provide inventory, price, availability and shipping data with online buyers. Usually this will require working with a third-party or ERP consultant that can help design data processes or online platforms.

Working with an ERP partner may help find other solutions for tasks like shipping. Open Forum discussed many companies providing small businesses with services to ship out goods in the same day they are ordered.

Room for growth
Once a decision-maker gains complete visibility of their current organization, he or she may discover obstacles and opportunities. Microsoft Dynamics GP’s ability to streamline and communicate data may prove so beneficial a company will want add-ons so specific business operations receive similar improvement.

Dynamics GP users should speak with their ERP consultant to see where specific features are necessary. For example, Panatrack offers technology that integrates with Dynamics GP and improves the communication between the inventory warehouse and the overall business infrastructure. Barcoding software can help track specific orders and speed up picking paths, so customers get their packages a little faster and companies have more appealing information they can post on their eCommerce sites.

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