December 9, 2013 Ken Jacobsen

Microsoft Dynamics GP Garners Impressive Results for Online Retail Group

A highly respected and thriving retail media group that creates, manages, and operates online media programs for nationally recognized, leading retail e-commerce websites was quickly outgrowing its outsourced bookkeeping program provided by QuickBooks. This fast-paced organization, which delivers innovative, custom digital ad campaigns for national brands, was looking to bring its accounting in-house;  they knew they needed the robust platform that only Microsoft Dynamics GP can provide. A distinct team of accounting professionals was hired at the company’s headquarters, and the accounting and finance operations were then brought in-house.

Along with a new billing system to work within the company’s existing CRM system,, the team needed the seamless integration that  Microsoft Dynamics GP offers, such as unique import tools to streamline invoice processing. Various GP modules were implemented, including general ledger, accounts payables and accounts receivables, sales order processing, and purchase receipts. Invoicing out of and Adbook has been used as a gateway, or a point of import, with SmartConnect integration into Microsoft Dynamics GP. Adbook software is used for billing, as it monitors and tracks website impressions for pay-for-performance online marketing solutions.

Management Reporter is being used to create timely and informative reports. Since accounting operations have been brought in-house, reports can now be created, generated and distributed readily on an as-needed basis. The challenge of querying data with more demanding requirements can now be satisfied.

The TM Group’s trusted ISV partners were also included in this project. The company is using Advanced Bank Reconciliation from Nolan Business Solutions. This offers reduced administration efforts to companies with a high volume of transactions, multiple bank accounts and/or multiple general ledger accounts. Mekorma MICR was implemented; known to be the best-selling check-printing enhancement for Microsoft Dynamics GP, it makes managing multiple checking accounts secure and easy, heightens security, and adds convenience to your check signing processes.

One of the many benefits gained is that the organization now has greater control over its own information within the accounting program. It also has stricter internal controls, along with the ease of better reporting. The billing system is more automated, and transaction processes are more streamlined. User-defined fields track “Converge ID” and the associated costs, similar to a marketing campaign and measuring the overall profitability.

The next phase of this venture will include — from Solver/BI360 — comprehensive data warehousing, planning and budgeting, with more advanced reporting tools.

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