Microsoft Dynamics GP for automotive manufacturing improves finance visibility and data integration

October 13, 2015 TM Group

Microsoft Dynamics GP for automotive manufacturing improves finance visibility and data integration

Microsoft Dynamic GP solutions provide employees with visible financial information.

A family-owned machine shop wanted to improve its financial processes and data integration. The Michigan-based company, which had been supplying parts to customers for over 50 years, had primarily serviced the automotive industry, with Ford being one of its clients. Recently, the company had been looking to expand to new consumers who are in need of manufactured parts.

The plans for growth and desire for streamlined processes led the company to contact The TM Group to implement Financials and Payroll with Microsoft Dynamics GP for Automotive Manufacturing.

Previous data infrastructure
Before the Microsoft Dynamics ERP software was adopted, the machine shop had been using a variety of data systems in its day-to-day activities.

The company used the AIM Vision automotive manufacturing solution. Manufacturers employ AIM Vision to interchange data. The information is then used to create production scheduling, synchronize supply chain planning and manage warehouses. It is mostly utilized by repetitive manufacturers to create consistent quality for their products and uniform ordering procedures. The company was not happy with the data integration between AIM and its other systems, as information was not working together and there were a lot of redundancies in the workflow.

The company had similar apprehension about its financial tools. Greenshades was used for tax filing, and QuickBooks was the main accounting tool. The QuickBooks software required a third party for payment depositing, and it did not integrate with the other systems. The machine shop wanted to find a new financial suite.

A representative from AIM Vision recommended the company contact The TM Group to provide them with the financial and data solutions they needed.

The implementation of Dynamic solutions
Working with The TM Group, the business had decided it only wanted the most basic tools. The out-of-the-box services provided by MSFT Dynamics GP Financials and Payrolls were selected to fit the communicated needs.

Implementation went smoothly. The Microsoft Dynamics GP software successfully integrated with the company’s other data systems, providing the financial visibility and process streamlining that was required. Employees reported the software was easy to use and day-to-day operations were simplified. The out-of-the-box solution was not fancy, but the company was immediately satisfied with the way it performed.

Data integration
The data integration between MSFT Dynamics GP Financials and Payrolls and the AIM Vision automotive manufacturing solution system allowed the company to improve its processes between finances and product manufacturing.

A single source of data is now used to process sales orders, update the general ledger and create invoices. AIM Vision tracks a lot of details during the manufacturing process. Those details are captured by the ERP software and are now included in the line details for a product. When researching a customer order, there is no need to switch between systems, as all the information is clearly visible in Dynamics GP.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Financials and Payrolls provides a number of financial tools the company currently utilizes.

The company uses the Business Analyzer that provides finance visibility for employees even when they are not logged into the ERP software. Gross profits, payables, receivables and performance funds can be researched by anyone in the company without contacting accounting. Dynamics GP users can then click on the figures to explore the data in greater detail.

The company services a lot of international clients, so the software is also being used to facilitate currency exchanges. Check creation has also become simpler. The company used to access a single computer with very rigid printing procedures to produce the company’s checks. This was costing the business a lot of wasted material and time. The new software allows multiple machines to print checks using an easier, adaptable process.

Additionally, the business no longer has to use a third party for its deposits. Instead of using the complicated QuickBooks tools, the company now uses Dynamics GP to interact directly with the bank.

Human resources
With more than 200 employees, the company also finds Microsoft Dynamics GP solutions can assist the HR department.

It is using the ERP software to create employee health insurance plans and co-pay options. The software has been integrated with Greenshades software solutions to assist with employee self-service tax reporting.

The improved financial process also helps with payroll needs. Payroll issues, such as unemployment data and workers’ comp, no longer have to be manually entered and calculated. Automated payroll processes keep the payment schedule running smoothly.

Future goals
The machine shop has expressed interest in improving its time-tracking technologies. Time is currently attached to a job as a manually submitted journal entry, but the company would like the data to be captured automatically.

By working with The TM Group, the company discovered its current AIM Vision capabilities will not allow for the kind of time-tracking solutions it desired. In order to automate the time-tracking process, the company will have to update its time clock and AIM Vision system.

If your company is interested in implementing ERP and CRM solutions, make sure you have a strong grasp of your current system’s capabilities. You want to work with a software partner that can help you decide on what tools are best for your current needs and resources.

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