Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018: Understanding the New Platform

March 8, 2018 Allie

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018: Understanding the New Platform

Microsoft announced the forthcoming release of an updated offering for small businesses this past September during Directions North America. The software package, which was released in December under the moniker Dynamics 365, combines Dynamics CRM, Dynamics AX and the redesigned version Dynamics NAV into an all-in-one digital solution for burgeoning businesses looking to leverage the power of Microsoft to prompt organizational growth. Lost in the chaos of this announcement, which generated superfluous drama related to a controversial new white-labeling strategy, was the quiet release of an updated timeline for the rollout of a new iteration of Dynamics GP, according to ZDNet.


Microsoft revealed during the conference that the mid-market accounting software would receive an upgrade before the year was out. The new version of Dynamics GP hit the market fewer than four months later, as promised, ERP Software Blog reported. What can users embracing this new solution expect? Dynamics GP expert and Microsoft Escalation Engineer Terry Heley discussed the critical components included in the reconfigured offering, most of which were installed to improve the user experience, in a recent company blog post.


Comprehensive document attachment

Microsoft debuted the Document Attachment feature for Dynamics GP more than five years ago, giving users the power to fasten applicable written files to assets, customers, transactions and vendors. The component has evolved considerably since, culminating in the latest iteration, which boasts a shortened file attachment pathway. Now, users can clip attachments to Dynamics GP entries via a button located on inquiry, master record inquiry and transaction entry screens. This seemingly small change will greatly benefit Dynamics GP devotees who previously had to navigate multiple steps to perform simple tasks such as attaching W-9 documents to employee inquiries or pairing contracts with vendors.


Additionally, the new Document Attachment feature has automated capabilities. Information technology specialists with administrative access to the solution can configure the system so some pieces of uploaded content automatically attach to certain master record inquiries. This is done through an intraplatform feature called Flow, which is only available for use with customers, items or vendors logged into Dynamics GP, Microsoft Marketing Manager Pam Misialek explained in an organizational blog post.


Updated workflow capabilities

Like Document Attachment, the Workflow component contained within Dynamics GP became available with the 2013 release. The feature gives administrators the power to develop and deploy customized platform processes. In most cases, users leverage Workflow to create approval systems for documents, batches and master records. Microsoft last updated the component in 2015, fully integrating the once standalone, SharePoint-reliant feature in Dynamics GP, a welcome improvement among users, many of whom had lodged complaints over the clunky usage experience of the opening iteration.


Engineers at the company have once again improved Workflow, introducing new preconfigured processes centered on accounting and the management of purchase invoices, according to Heley. The latest version of Workflow also includes a streamlined copy step and reminder email configuration capabilities.


New business intelligence options

Of all the new additions included in the most recent Dynamics GP update, few offer as much transformational potential as the Power BI Content Pack. This add-on, which became available in January, includes financial, inventory, purchasing and sales report templates that pull in information from Dynamics GP to create eye-catching visualizations perfect for internal data-sharing activities. The feature also allows users to review data stored in calculated columns, such as credit, debit, profit and sales amounts.


Improved user experience

In addition to the larger changes covered above, Heley outlined some smaller UX adjustments that the Microsoft engineering team made in response to user feedback. For instance, this iteration of Dynamics GP includes streamlined financial and human resources modules that are easier to navigate. It also includes more user-friendly data search tools designed to facilitate fast information-based decision-making.


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