Microsoft Dynamics for field service

August 11, 2015 TM Group

Microsoft Dynamics for field service

Service agents need to report customer information to the rest of the business.

Software tools developed by Microsoft Dynamics have been designed to bridge the gap between a company and its customers. CRM solutions track client preferences and consumer patterns. ERP tools are used to ensure inventory is top-quality and ready for delivery.

These tools are often used in management offices, manufacturing floors and warehouses, but business doesn’t always transpire on a company’s property. Microsoft Dynamics for field service solutions offer small to mid-size companies software utilized while making deliveries, performing service calls or speaking with clients on their home turf.

Small companies want Dynamic solutions
Many small companies who are looking to implement software solutions are currently getting by with extremely basic strategies. A Software Advice survey found most companies that are in the market for new field service solutions are currently using manual tools. Fifty-four percent of respondents said their companies are currently using paper, white boards or simple software for sales calls.

Constant manual re-entry produces errors and wastes time. The companies exploring new software options needed to find something that would increase efficiency, reduce faults and paperwork, and promote growth. Specifically, 81 percent wanted scheduling tools, 62 percent wanted work order management and 49 percent wanted invoicing tools.

Ninety-seven percent of buyers were interested in an integrated solution that would work with the company’s previous systems. Most of the businesses surveyed were small; only 7 percent had over 100 employees, while many had less than 10. They couldn’t afford delays or a complete tech shift. The companies needed a software solution that would aid current operations without completely overhauling their infrastructure.

The Dynamics GP difference
ERP software tools give companies the tools and visibility they need to coordinate service activities with head office infrastructure.

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers a variety of cloud-deployed functions that make data reporting simple. Mobile or point of sale devices used by service crews or sales agents can capture customer information on the spot. Digital signatures and card scanning features allow clients to verify their orders and eliminate miscommunication over product deliveries. Orders are taken directly from sales calls and sent to manufacturing. Dynamics GP integrates with Microsoft CRM to provide complete customer care. stated the inventory visibility provided by Microsoft Dynamics GP turns service vans or trucks into rolling warehouses. Orders have a visible data flow as they are picked up from the manufacturer and delivered to the consumer. Service jobs are given the necessary information to ensure they have the proper tools to perform customer demands without constant trips back and forth. The parts needed for tasks, tools available in the truck and equipment kept at the physical warehouse are all visible on the same platform.

Employees are scheduled based on time they report themselves using mobile devices. Tasks are tracked until completion to create consistent work standards so managers can project future labor needs.

The workers out in the field are usually a company’s main representatives to a customer base, so it only makes sense for businesses to keep employees equipped with tools connecting them to the entire organization to facilitate success.

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