Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions for proactive customer engagement

November 8, 2015 TM Group

Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions for proactive customer engagement

Customer engagements don't have to wait for consumer initiations.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions focus on providing businesses with the tools they need to offer optimal customer service. The data processes and streamlined communication features the technology facilities help employees be more productive and informed during consumer interactions. The new Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 updates the system with information collection and analytical tools that allow businesses to anticipate what their customers want.

In a recent press release, Bob Stutz, Microsoft Corporate VP of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, said users who successfully implement CRM solutions can use the data to provide “proactive and predictive customer engagement.”

What does proactive engagement mean? How can a business meet consumer needs before they are directly communicated to the company? CRM solutions can help create advertising content based on unspoken demands, lead nurturing campaigns that initiate contact and support that looks for customers to help.

Marketing anticipates needs
Effective marketing should be helpful. Consumers who search for products and services want educational materials that help them make the right decisions. Usually, potential customers have a problem and they want to find a company that can provide them with a solution.

Employees use CRM services to log data related to consumer interactions. CRM Search said a primary advantage of CRM software is that it provides analytical tools that can put captured data to work. A complete information history of consumer interactions is an important tool for marketers. Keeping track of how current customers respond to certain events and promotions provides insight into how future audiences may behave. Monitoring the success of marketing campaigns and client questions allows advertising teams to adjust content on the fly.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 software offers features such as Social Listening that gathers information from potential audiences. The program’s automatic data capture processes track interactions over new media based on keywords and other metrics. Observing how potential customers talk about products or issues related to an industry may inform companies on what future clients will look for and what concerns they bring to the table. Marketing materials based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM information alleviate fears before customers express them.

Check up on lead nurturing
The analytical features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 may help companies gather leads from email marketing campaigns, website content and social media pages. Once potential customers are identified, other CRM services ensure they are not forgotten.

Business software users can create a profile for every lead in the central CRM database. The CRM SoftwareBlog said CRM solutions help sales teams foster leads by allowing each employee who makes contact to build the relationship on existing data. The needs and wants of a specific client inform how interactions should proceed. Employees should open a profile during every engagement and update accordingly.

Companies that use CRM solutions don’t have to wait for the customer to make contact before taking the next step in the relationship process. A Microsoft Dynamics CRM lead profile can send updates to remind users when too much time has passed between contacts. Employees can also rate leads in between interactions to determine which profiles need the most attention. When agents convert a lead into a client, reporting the details into a centralized solution helps future prospect nurturing practices.

Answer support questions before they are asked
Businesses can’t ignore consumers when they have a problem or concern. Companies often use CRM solutions to monitor different channels for customer messages and comments. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 expands previous features over multiple new social media channels.

Companies can take these strategies one step further and look for customers who need support before the consumer initiates an interaction. Many business websites use co-browsing chat options to help new consumers navigate online materials. A company representative offers assistance through a chat window that viewers can use or ignore at their leisure.

Of course, this is only helpful when the support representative has more information than the consumer can read on his or her own on a website. Accessing CRM data while interacting with customers allows employees to offer suggestions and advice through typical pain points by basing their information on prior successes. CRM services give company members the tools needed to assist and inform potential clients in every engagement.

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