Microsoft Dynamics 365 predicts consumer issues

February 9, 2017 Ken Jacobsen

Microsoft Dynamics 365 predicts consumer issues

Microsoft Dynamics 365 links data from connected products that need maintenance.

CRM solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 help companies monitor the satisfaction of their consumers. From the moment an individual makes contact with an organization, a centralized business solution should aid in building an ongoing relationship with that customer. The data collection and management of each consumer record should extend long after the customer makes a purchase.

Customers expect continued satisfaction from the products they buy. After purchasing merchandise or service from a company, consumers either trust the business to provide goods that match marketed performance expectations or take extra measures – like obtaining a warranty – to ensure the brand will deal with any potential problems. When something goes wrong, businesses cannot hesitate to fix the issue and rebuild the customer’s trust.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help companies provide the service and support necessary to respond to problems as soon as they occur. The opportunities presented by this CRM solution are designed for a new generation of consumers that want their issues addressed as they happen and won’t hesitate to speak up when they need help.

Consumer communications
If business owners still consider millennials to be kids, they may want to check their math. The generation born between the late 1980s and early 2000s are now in their 30s and 20s and are a major consumer group. They make large purchases for homes and businesses, and need products to provide dependable performance.

Research conducted by J.D. Power and Associates found millennials are three times as likely to contact wireless carriers about service problems than baby boomers, according to Quartz. Millennial consumers also spoke to utility companies and major retail brands more often than older generations. This group expects companies to be customer-centric and information to be readily available.

Customer portals
Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers the communication features necessary to deal with increased customer service traffic. Last spring’s release added to the already popular system’s capabilities by including web portals consumers
can use for self-service, according to CRM Buyer.

Businesses that implement Microsoft Dynamics 365’s CRM components can give customers access to information and support they can find themselves at their own convenience. Entrepreneur said the millennial generation often prefers self-service options and wants to contact companies on their preferred device. Cloud-deployed CRM solutions allow companies to offer customer-facing web portals that work with smartphones, tablets and laptops.

When business information and representatives are not readily available, consumers will go elsewhere for answers and to voice complaints. Microsoft Dynamics 365 also features social listening so companies can look out for issues and problems customers don’t directly communicate to organizations on public forums.

New field service solutions
When it comes time to address service or product problems, a properly implemented CRM solution helps companies manage resources to deal with issues. Microsoft Dynamics 365  users can see which field agents are available, talent profiles, consumer comments and any other data necessary to schedule quick and efficient repairs.

InfoWorld said Dynamics 365 (formerly Microsoft Dynamics CRM) offers cutting-edge technology for companies that perform field service calls on connected devices. The business software system allows smart devices purchased by consumers to report their own problems and make issues visible to businesses before customers have to make contact. This is another valuable data source for businesses that want to prioritize service and satisfaction.

By working with a CRM partner like The TM Group, companies can investigate which CRM features help businesses collect, manage and analyze the data they consider most important for consistent success. As new technology becomes available, one of our CRM consultants can help organizations recognize opportunities that will benefit a company and its consumers.  

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