Manage projects with Microsoft Dynamics NAV to prevent accidents

April 12, 2016 TM Group

Manage projects with Microsoft Dynamics NAV to prevent accidents

Business software on mobile devices is the latest piece of construction safety gear.

A job site is a dangerous place, but properly implemented ERP solutions can help foster an environment of informed decisions and oversight. While better data processes won’t completely eliminate the hazards of working with electrical wires, heavy equipment and heights, cloud-deployed business software accessible on mobile devices prevents workers from going in blind.

Companies need to prioritize safety during their construction projects from the very beginning. The U.S. Department of Labor said many accidents are caused by poor preparation, whether it be not securing equipment, implementing safety tools or learning about machinery limits beforehand.

An ERP solution like Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows managers to plan projects while viewing all relevant data and share their decisions with workers at the site. Here are a few safety precautions mobile business software can help implement into a construction job:

Train for safety
One of the reasons mobile software like Microsoft Dynamics NAV improves training procedures is because information activities are no longer performed through paperwork or outdated business assets. Instead, construction workers can reference education materials and software tools on the mobile devices they use in their everyday lives.

Companies can go a step further and implement features specifically designed to reinforce safety. For example, certain third-party modules work with Microsoft Dynamics NAV so employees can access features through voice commands or simple point-and-click data capture.

The performance of a cloud-deployed system reports action to a central system instantly. ERP Focus said a major advantage of using ERP solutions during training is that managers can monitor progress through real-time data and stop bad habits from forming.

Create healthy schedules
Onsite Safety, a construction equipment provider, said tired and rushed employees often cause accidents. When a demanding schedule pressures a worker into finishing projects by an unrealistic deadline, an individual may skip safety standards or necessary sleep to get done on time. Any stress factors that cause workers to lose focus or ignore best practices can be costly and dangerous.

When managers plan schedules with Microsoft Dynamics NAV they can compare available financial resources, client demands, employee needs and every other factor necessary to make smart choices. The data processes allow users to create timelines and projections to ensure expectations are feasible for both profitability and safety. The employee portal in Dynamics NAV allows employees to check information and have a say in their schedules.

Avoid past mistakes
A centralized resource for data collection allows managers to reference every piece of data from the company’s history. When designing safety standards, decision-makers should implement government regulations, industry standards and lessons learned from their own experience. A knowledgeable company analyzing large enough collections of data should be able to find areas where they could improve or streamline future projects.

For example, information from past construction jobs should look at the breakdown of previous timelines. By studying how much time was spent on each task, organizers should identify where new solutions are necessary to speed up processes. Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers businesses features that automate common tasks, so employees can focus on critical operations.

Maintain oversight
When a problem occurs, it’s important managers are instantly aware. Mobile Microsoft Dynamics NAV software allows construction users to make consistent updates. A workflow feature not only keeps projects on track, but alerts employees and managers when its time to perform tasks or make inspections.

The rapid back and forth communication facilitated by the business software and maintained by automatic warnings, eliminates the obstacles of distance and geography. On-site workers have the same information as office employees and every precaution designed beforehand is simple to introduce and implement into the actual project as it happens.

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