How managers can benefit from ERP solutions

September 22, 2015
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September 22, 2015 TM Group

How managers can benefit from ERP solutions

ERP software will provide a manager with data to track employee deadlines.

Enterprise resource planning software allows managers to create a strategic information system. Using the various utilities provided, management and front-line employees can be more integrated. The software can provide automatic invoicing, inventory tracking, streamlined purchasing and receiving, analysis of customer trends and many other operational advantages. These tools can contribute to more effective management strategies.

Opportunity to listen to employee input
A manager should value employee input and give them a chance to share ideas. Before a company looks at acquiring ERP software, it should be aware of its needs and goals. This is a chance for different management teams and employees to provide input about their experiences with current business procedures.

Different employees at different levels could be aware of information that is currently going unrecorded or unutilized. There may be issues brought to management’s attention that ERP software solutions could resolve. Management Advisory Service stated the ability to problem-solve and provide meaningful feedback are often listed as defining attributes of good management.

Once this input has been collected, it is key the manager bring it to an ERP partner. Management needs an ERP partner ready to work with a company’s unique needs. When selecting an ERP program, it is important to find a partner that is adept at hands-on implementation and maintenance.

Proper installation involves teamwork
In order to achieve the many benefits of ERP software, employees have to be on board. Once a manager addresses employee’s initial thoughts before acquiring ERP technology, he or she must continue to keep their employees involved.

A manager should form a implementation team made up of workers from a variety of different divisions. A major benefit of ERP software is it streamlines all of the company’s data and it can create information strategies and solutions for an integrated office. Everyone who is affected by the software should have a representative involved.

ERP can create a more unified company. Forbes found that consistent training at all levels of company infrastructure is an effective management strategy. Encouraging group participation at the very beginning stages of ERP implantation will provide a manager an opportunity to promote company cooperation.

Give Managers information instantly
ERP operates on real-time data. A Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences report showed that the speed at which ERP software collects and shares data was a major benefit for management. If a situation or problem occurs, necessary managers can be made aware immediately.

A good manager should stay on top of company data without constantly keeping an eye on his or her employees. Too many management check-ins can make an employee feel micromanaged and untrusted. An information system that provides data from processes without forcing managers to question employees could alleviate feelings of hand holding.

ERP not only alleviates the need for employees to create constant progress reports, it can eliminate other needless tasks interfering with an employee’s productivity. Automated processes included in ERP can take the place of busy work and eliminate mistakes from constant re-entry of data.

Track employees
Effective management software can increase employee accountability. ERP software can track employee progress to make sure goals are being met.

If there is a need to work with an employee to increase productivity, other data can be taken into account. Maybe employees are missing quota deadlines because of slow shipping or insufficient inventory. By using the information provided by ERP data tracking, feedback given to employees can be informed and specific to actual solutions.

Employees should be made aware of this when ERP is first implemented. They can be part of the process that decides what are fair numerical goals for employees to be expected to maintain.

See the effects of decisions
The Procedia report stated that ERP software encouraged efficient decision-making processes. When a manager makes a decision, he or she should want to see the effects of the decision in a measurable numerical value. If a management team changes a production process or shipping practice, ERP allows it to see current results and projected figures for how the decision performs.

Not only will ERP provide results quickly but it will provide the numbers without bias. There is no fear of statistics coming from individuals who might be trying to put a dishonest positive spin on results or tailoring numbers to promote personal projects. ERP software holds management results up the same accountability as employees.

This complete equality of all company data is just one of the many benefits of bringing ERP solutions to a modern company.

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