How Intacct Accounting Enables Greater Efficency

July 13, 2017
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July 13, 2017 Allie

How Intacct Accounting Enables Greater Efficency

Intacct, #1 Cloud Accounting Solution

When considering cloud based accounting & finance solutions like Intacct, CFO’s must document their financial department’s objectives for automation including reducing repetitive tasks, data transfer risks/errors, and back office labor. To achieve these process improvements, business systems need to assist in streamlining processes. Companies should first invest some time modeling their manual work processes so their new software can facilitate workflows that are more efficient for staff.

The Holy Grail of business systems is an all-encompassing ERP solution with built-in applications that fulfill all a business’s requirements such as accounting, CRM, payroll/HR and eCommerce. Intacct doesn’t believe that is a sound strategy for a software publisher and not the best approach for clients. They don’t think an all-in-one system can be maintained and kept current with market demands. All-in-one ERP providers tangle themselves up trying to update and maintain their solutions, while best-of-breed sellers like Intacct form the necessary relationships with other vendors to provide best-in-class solutions. This is where Intacct comes in. This cloud ERP system helps everyone prevail.

SalesForce and Intacct, better known as the power couple, is the integration that links the best-in-class cloud accounting solution with the best-in-class cloud CRM solution. SalesForce is an extremely robust solution and the Intacct CRM integration was pre-built on the Salesforce platform, so there’s no need for expensive third-party integration, IT support, or custom consulting.  A user can do everything from quoting, all the way through to order fulfillment, shipment, invoicing, and receivables. By using SalesForce and Intacct together, businesses save time and reduce errors by eliminating duplicate entries between  finance and sales, and increase team productivity with workflows.

The integration between Intacct and ADP helps midsized companies reduce errors and eliminate multiple alterations. Companies can easily sync employee data and post payroll entries from ADP to their General Ledger within Intacct. Instead of typing payroll data twice, information can be securely uploaded into Intacct in seconds which dramatically reduces the chance for errors and saving time and work.

With Vendor Payment Services built on the American Express  infrastructure, businesses automate their own checks, ACH, or credit card payments to speed up the process, saving them time and money, while also reducing risk for errors. They don’t need to change their bank, and won’t be waiting on IT to help setup vendor payment services. Businesses can enable the services by selecting them on their Intacct subscriptions page within Amex. A company can choose the services they want on the configuration page and configure vendors and bank accounts for the service. Businesses will know they’re ready to go when you receive a confirmation.

With efficient financial process management, a unified data model to facilitate integrations, and quick reporting of financial position and performance, Intacct is what CFO’s are searching for in a cloud accounting platform. By bringing offline processes online, and finding highly qualified and highly integrated vendors around their ERP, Intacct closes the gap between business systems and the people who use them.

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