How a Software Firm Streamlined Its Contract and Documentation Process with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and The TM Group

April 27, 2022 Ken Jacobsen

How a Software Firm Streamlined Its Contract and Documentation Process with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and The TM Group

The Client

Headquartered in Europe with locations in the United States as well as Asia, our client provides a variety of software solutions, services and digital tools for businesses in inventory-driven industries, such as manufacturing, retail, wholesale and logistics. 


The Challenge
The main challenge for this client was more efficiently and better managing the contract process with its customer relationship management (CRM) platform Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. Digital contract signings have revolutionized business processes in terms of efficiency and expediting agreements. Legalized in all 50 states, digital signatures are considered every bit as legitimate as those that are written in actual ink. Several Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM add-on software options offer this capability. However, some aren’t as automated as might be expected, which was the problem for our client.

Their current manual process was cumbersome, took longer than needed and involved numerous redundancies and duplicative work. It also entailed the manual input of contact information, such as mailing addresses, phone numbers, business names, contract dates, email addresses and more multiple times. This created not only unnecessary hassle but increased the risk of typographical errors, which could complicate contract signings from an administrative perspective. 


The Solution
Once we were aware of the client’s pain points, The TM Group’s consulting team first implemented an add-on called DocumentsCorePack with them. DocumentsCorePack is an application for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM sales, customer service, and field service suites developed by Like The TM Group, is a certified partner of Microsoft. The firm specializes in customizing Microsoft Dynamics 365 products with functionalities that don’t come out of the box. DocumentsCorePack is one of those tools, which provide users with the means to process documents more effectively and efficiently. 

Additionally, our consulting team implemented DocuSign for electronic signature capture.  Together, DocumentsCorePack and DocuSign streamlines document generation by eliminating redundant data entry and automatically loading sales and legal documents to DocuSign for electronic signature capture. DocuSign is an industry standard and integrates with hundreds of business applications, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and CRM offerings. Prior to DocuSign, the client was using SignNow. While serviceable, it didn’t prove out to integrate as well with DocumentsCorePack as DocuSign, which also works with AssureSign and AdobeSign. 

In addition to contract signing and generation, DocumentsCorePack can create merge mail documents within most of thel Microsoft Dynamics 365 service modules helping streamline multiple document management processes. DocumentsCorePack makes it easier to transcribe information from CRM onto virtually any document with just a few clicks, minimizing manual entry and data entry errors. 


The Results
With the implementation wrapping up recently, the client is just starting to fully experience all the advantages that DocumentsCorePack, DocuSign and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise has to offer. But it’s already experiencing several process improvements in addition to contract document generation and electronic signature capture. 

Another improvement for the company is related to their document management process. DocumentsCorePack automatically saves an unsigned copy of documents in SharePoint. Then, when the finished document is signed and countersigned through DocuSign, the finalized document gets automatically saved on the DocuSign portal and an email is also sent to the associated parties with the signed document attached to it.  Utilizing the native integration that comes with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and Outlook, the email can then be tracked to the associated record, such as an opportunity or account. Users are also able to download and save the document in a SharePoint folder which could be associated with the appropriate account, opportunity or other CRM entity, if they choose.  

From elimination of duplicate data entry to streamlining the contract signing process, this client is now in a much better position than before by unlocking the powerful advantages that DocumentsCorePack has to offer signing, document generation, correspondence and much more. 

Could your workflows use some fine tuning from an automation standpoint? Whether you’re already leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 products or you’re thinking about replacing your current solution with one from Microsoft, The TM Group can help you streamline your processes so you achieve results faster for your customers. From field service to family office management to manufacturing to retail and grocery, our industry experience runs deep. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings and what makes Microsoft Dynamics 365 the gold standard for ERP and CRM business solutions. 

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