Ho-Ho-Hold the line!

December 10, 2021
December 10, 2021 Allie

Ho-Ho-Hold the line!

A TM Group Christmas Wreath

This season, almost everyone is decorating their homes and offices (and home offices), getting ready for the holidays. Marcel Chabot, our Software Development Team Lead, has really gone above and beyond with his holiday décor, this year.

Marcel has made a Christmas wreath – but this is not just any wreath. Marcel has developed and installed a small hidden chip within this wreath. This chip has the ability to talk to the Microsoft Teams app. The wreath lights will flash, blink, and change color throughout the day, depending on the availability of all of Marcel’s coworkers, within Teams. At any given time, Marcel can look up from his computer at his wreath and see when his coworkers are available to chat and meet.

Talk about being festive! Marcel is most definitely on Santa’s nice list, this year!

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