Don’t Be Afraid: How Microsoft Dynamics Can Improve Your Business

October 30, 2019 Allie

Don’t Be Afraid: How Microsoft Dynamics Can Improve Your Business

Did you ever read “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley in high school? If you did, you know the legendary tale has a multidimensional plot about a complex creature – who was largely misunderstood. In many ways, the conclusions drawn by those who initially interacted with Victor Frankenstein’s monster are similar to what can happen when you make certain inferences about your data without the full story and structure of your business systems.

Even if you didn’t read Shelly’s tome, you certainly know what the protagonist of the tale looks like: The haggard face, yellowish-green skin, and gangly arms and legs. In short, the monster was grotesque.

However, underneath all the unsightly physical features that caused so many to recoil in horror, the monster – at least at first – was actually soft-spoken and genteel. And readers contend that the rejection and alienation were what led to the his despair and demise.

So, you may be wondering — what does any of this has to do with data, and more specifically, your business? Well, much like the monster, business systems and the fruits of data collection can appear like a gigantic Frankenstein’s monster of information that frequently comes across as intimidating, imposing and downright fearsome.

That’s where Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Custom Engagement can provide perspective. This CRM and ERP business solution shines a light on the parts of your business that may appear formidable, but, buried underneath the surface, is actually approachable.

This portion of your business is its very heartbeat and reflects how your company is doing day to day and week to week. D365 categorizes your data so you can see with exactness how you did for sales last month, what invoices remain outstanding on the quarter and which ones are overdue. It helps you get the pulse on your profits and your operational expenses.

Distribution and Manufacturing
Operational efficiency and product quality are two of several hallmarks within the distribution and manufacturing industry. You can use predictive insights and intelligence to optimize production and enhance customer satisfaction by modernizing your warehouse. This is made possible through several D365 suite enhancements, which can make lean processes even leaner and intelligent operations smarter.

Customer Insights

With state-of-the-art AI capabilities and features, D365 can help you better understand what drives customer loyalty, thereby streamlining the products, operations or services so customers keep coming back again and again.

Field Service
Supply your field service technicians, troubleshooters and installers with video conferencing so agents can diagnose problems and hammer out solutions before they arrive on-site.

And much more!

Plus, with Microsoft’s Common Data Model, the complexities and incongruities of data management and app development can be better understood, a solution that may have helped the monster’s critics see his softer side.

For all your enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management needs, turn to TM Group. We can help make monstrous data manageable to better equip your multidimensional business.


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