Container company streamlines HR workflows with Microsoft Dynamics GP

December 11, 2018
December 11, 2018 Allie

Container company streamlines HR workflows with Microsoft Dynamics GP

The Client

A family-owned packaging service provider. Founded in the 1970’s, the organization maintains six separate entities distributed across four states within the midwestern United States.

The Challenge

The client had been using an outdated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with a built-in payroll module. However, the payroll solution was not flexible enough to support changes in the state and local tax code. Illinois, in particular, had instituted numerous taxation changes, including new bylaws related to sick time. Unfortunately, the client’s ERP payroll module was not equipped to handle this new government requirement. On top of this setback, the vendor that supported this software had informed the client that its external support services would soon cease completely. This change meant the business had to move fast to find an alternative solution or risk navigating an already problematic payroll platform without any aid from the software reseller.


For a time, the firm considered outsourcing payroll operations entirely. In the end, the client chose to keep these processes in house and instead search for a more effective digital platform. This decision prompted the business to reach out to The TM Group for assistance.

The Solution

The TM Group suggested that the client implement Microsoft Dynamics GP, which includes robust human resources and payroll modules designed to evolve as regulations change. In addition to Dynamics GP, The TM Group recommended a handful of other enterprise add-ons to enhance and streamline backend HR workflows. These tools included Integrity Data’s retirement plan administration application, as well as Mekorma magnetic ink character recognition check printing software. The client approved this feature set and ultimately decided to host its Dynamics GP-based HR system on The TM Group’s secure cloud.

The Outcome

The client was able to roll out new payroll workflows through Microsoft Dynamics GP, which would automatically evolve tax law changes. Additionally, the Integrity Data retirement plan software enabled the organization to adopt a tiered 401k plan, an employee benefit that was all but impossible to implement with its earlier system.

The TM Group has continued to work with the client to clean up and optimize its new Microsoft Dynamics GP installation. In fact, the business intends to add accounts payable and other financial management functions in the near future. Time-clock integration is another future project. By the time these modifications are complete, the client will be positioned to serve employees and ensure their payment and benefits are delivered on time.

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