Blended business practices benefit from Integrated ERP, CRM, and ecommerce software

April 29, 2015
April 29, 2015 TM Group

Blended business practices benefit from Integrated ERP, CRM, and ecommerce software

NetSuite offers a variety of different functionalities to suit modern businesses.

Many of the traditional walls that divided businesses from each other, as well as kept different parts of the same company separate, are now being brought down. Organizations understand that the informational and operational silos that spring up when sharp divisions are in place ultimately drive down effectiveness and increase the chance of duplications, errors and other problems. Additionally, computers, business software and the Internet have all helped companies become more agile, allowing them to communicate quickly and accurately internally and with vendors and clients. In many  respects, organizations are becoming more fluid by combining and adding various business practices.

A more blended market
Companies that provide products or services along with beginning-to-end support have become more common in the current market. Having the right kind of platform in place to support these efforts is crucial. While there are many different software solutions available along the enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) spectrums, NetSuite has proven to be uniquely agile and useful for companies with a need for Integrated ERP, CRM, and ecommerce software. The many different of options available with NetSuite, along with its ability to be deployed via the cloud, make it a strong choice for businesses that have a long list of needs.

Here is a look at some of the biggest operational areas covered by the different elements of the NetSuite platform, from production all the way to the final sale:

Enterprise resource planning software is useful for a wide variety of businesses that manufacture, fabricate or otherwise produce goods for sale. Efficient management of raw materials, the production process, storage and distribution lead to significant benefits. Even if a shop floor or warehouse is already managed efficiently, the power of ERP software helps locate areas where improvement can be realized. Companies that have deficient practices will realize even greater benefits as ERP helps business leaders hone in on and change the areas where inefficiency and high spending are common.

NetSuite offers support for a wide variety of different business models, whether assemble to order, make to stock, process or project driven, or engineer to order – among many others. The ERP software offered by NetSuite allows for the optimization of a wide variety of different approaches to production. Because NetSuite is cloud deployed, these benefits are independent of location – meaning many production facilities will reap the rewards just as easily as a single one.

Improving production and driving positive change on the work floor isn’t the only way that NetSuite can help businesses become more effective. The platform also offers a full range of customer relationship management tools that businesses can use to improve its entire sales cycle. For companies that have a strong sales component, in addition to or independent of their manufacturing capabilities, NetSuite CRM can significantly benefit sales and marketing staff. Better tracking of prospects through the sales funnel, more complete records related to previous purchasing, better overall customer service and the options to use data and analysis to improve marketing and sales efforts are just some of the advantages. These advantages all apply across multiple sales channels and operational locations as well.

True end-to-end coverage of the business processes that begin with the production of goods and end with sales are enabled by NetSuite. Using the eCommerce functions of NetSuite, companies can easily complete sales from a number of locations and through a variety of different channels. NetSuite’s OneWorld solution allows for seamless national and international commerce as well, managing taxes, currency conversions and reporting requirements regardless of location.

Modern businesses are growing, expanding and becoming more agile. They need software that allows them to continue to grow.

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