Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and CRM integration

October 27, 2016
October 27, 2016 TM Group

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and CRM integration

Microsoft Dynamics NAV and CRM Integration of data creates complete visibility of business software information.
Businesses implement the Microsoft Dynamics NAV to CRM integration to simplify data procedures involved with daily front office and back office enterprise activities. By creating and managing consistent datasets for manufacturing, finances, inventory, sales and employees, a business can make informed decisions based on real-time information.
If company managers want complete visibility of all relevant data, they should look into integrating CRM information into an ERP solution. Using a Connecter for Microsoft Dynamics NAV to CRM, businesses can easily integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Implementing this simple bit of software allows managers and users to link the datasets involved with customer relations and internal enterprise tasks into a central system.
An integrated IT infrastructure is not only a valuable tool for decision-makers, but users can obtain a number of benefits through a consolidated approach to data. Here are five advantages businesses should see after proper integration of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and CRM:

1. Remove redundancies
No segment of a business operates in a bubble. Data from CRM solutions are often also included in business’s ERP systems. Instead of taking time to enter information twice, integration between CRM and ERP solutions allows datasets to update at the same time. This eliminates redundant data entry tasks. Constantly re-entering the same data increases the odds something will go wrong. Integrating the two systems ensures NAV and CRM users get accurate data.

2. Speed up processes
Eliminating data entry repetition through ERP and CRM integration means it’s easier to find real-time information relevant to current activities. For example, production lines can build goods while viewing specific order and forecast details. These details help create lean manufacturing and warehousing so businesses can save money and resources.

Automation is possible through a process called entity mapping. It may be wise for companies to partner with an ERP and CRM consultant to design the best integration to streamline datasets. Proper entity mapping establishes an ongoing relationship between information. IT Toolbox suggested starting with mapping two sets of information and performing a gradual ERP and CRM integration.

3. Reduce data entry time
Streamlined and automated business software systems create more accurate data while also making life easier for ERP and CRM users. A simplified system improves the speed and efficiency of daily projects and training processes. When integration helps consolidate accurate data, it frees employees up to focus on more important tasks.

4. Improve enterprise visibility
When production line employees, warehouse workers and sales agents have access to consistent information, it keeps the business focused on primary tasks. Integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM also means that timely tasks performed by each employee don’t contradict the actions taken by workers in other departments.

Managers can create dashboards that keep them abreast of every order and project. This is imperative when evaluating the overall success of operations and creating future plans.

5. Serve customers better
Customers can also benefit from CRM and ERP integration. SmallbizTechnology said access to a complete record on products and inventory means sales agents and customer service representatives can effectively communicate with consumers. When people call or message with questions, every user can give them consistent answers.

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  1. I liked what you said about eliminating data entry repetition through ERP and CRM integration means it’s easier to find real-time information relevant to current activities. My cousin is looking to review how he runs his business and find new software to help him with it. Thank you for the information about how this sort of thing can help production lines to build goods while viewing specific order and forecast details.

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