Apple introduces affordable mobile products for consumers and small businesses

August 10, 2016
August 10, 2016 TM Group

Apple introduces affordable mobile products for consumers and small businesses

Apple introduced an affordable tablet that adjusts display for darker environments.

While newer versions of cloud-deployed mobile business software solutions become increasingly cost-efficient, companies still need to contend with the price of implementing smaller and more convenient computing options.

Utilizing ERP and CRM solutions through smartphones, tablets and wearables means providing all the employees who need the tools with the latest – and most affordable – technology. Luckily, a recent Apple product launch introduced options that may fit the bill.

New mobile Apple products
In March 2016, Apple introduced products to a live audience at
its Cupertino, California, headquarters, according to VentureBeat. Predictably, the announcement featured a new version of the iPhone SE with a 4-inch horizontal screen, the appearance of the iPhone 5s and inner workings similar to the iPhone 6s. The mobile device possess customer favorites such as Touch ID, Siri and – importantly for businesses – Apple Pay.

The other products featured at the event should be particularly interesting for mobile operations looking for new computing assets: iPads and Apple watches with smaller price tags.

The second iPad Pro tablet is smaller than the previous version and starts at $599. The pro line is designed for productivity and is popular with project-oriented users. This smaller model has a 9.7-inch display, a 64-bit A9X chip and an upgraded 12 megapixel camera.

The Apple watch is the same model as before – although it features new band options – but the price was cut from $349 to $299.

Benefits for businesses
Many companies have found multiple advantages to offering ERP and CRM solutions to sales agents on the road and inventory workers in warehouses. Mobile devices provide up-to-date order specifications, business intelligence and data reporting for professional on the move. reported Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers apps for Apple watch users that allow them to update, view and manage order details. A more cost-efficient version of the computing device could provide sales agents with the ability to reference the latest information on accounts while in the lobby waiting to meet with clients.

The new version of the iPad Pro tablet offers features particularly helpful when working in a variety of environments. CNET detailed how the smaller model has four ambient light sensors to adjust color displays for proper use in multiple environments. Thanks to this True Tone feature, warehouse workers can see information just as easily as managers in offices.

Color becomes increasingly important in ERP dashboard displays. Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers green, orange and red warnings signs to help users prioritize certain tasks. The ERP solution features many similar tools to visualize data, so a clear display in any environment is essential.

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