Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics SL web apps

June 22, 2015 Ken Jacobsen

Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics SL web apps

Construction projects can benefit from mobile data sharing.

Projects rarely remain within the walls of your office. If you’re a project-driven organization, you need tools that provide flexibility and mobility. Microsoft Dynamics SL is an ERP software system designed with project-based needs in mind. Now, Dynamics SL is releasing a series of Web apps to facilitate mobile success by putting ERP solutions in the hands of your managers and employees.

The Web apps were designed to spread office integration outside of the physical office. eWeek, a technology information source, indicated Microsoft has worked hard to make good on its “mobile-first, cloud-first” product development strategy.

The Microsoft Dynamics SL Web apps will be delivered through HTML5 solutions. The Web apps will be available for use on tablets and mobile phones. The idea is to take the exact same ERP benefits available on office desktops and make them available to every employee, no matter where they might be.

The Web apps will provide employees the chance to report their timecard from their phone. The timecard data is instantly shared with a manager for review and approval. Instant reporting and approval eliminates later disputes and in case there are discrepancies, the entire process can be easily audited.

Projects demand resources; As a project goes on, the need for funding and materials can change.

Changes in project demands can now be logged on-site using the Microsoft Dynamics SL Web apps. CTS Guides, a software review site, stated Microsoft Dynamics SL offers the flexibility demanded by complex projects, like construction. The solutions provided by the software can: facilitate field services, update inventory, track job costs and manage materials.

The new Web apps keep track of any surprise costs as the project progresses. They allow employees to log expenses as soon as they come up. If inventory or materials go missing from the project site, the deficit can be immediately reported. Managers no longer have to make constant trips back and forth to the site, which will cut down on travel expenses. Managers can audit finances and project the necessity for future funding and resources for construction occurring across town without leaving their office.

Classifying labor can be difficult. Whether it be a construction, financial or marketing project, determining the exact amount of skill and number of hours needed can be like trying to hit a moving target.

Microsoft Dynamics SL Web apps give your employees the ability to continuously log their performance progress. This will go a long way toward creating measurable results for the project. Data collected from past projects can be used to create future positions.

If a new role needs to be created in the midst of a task, each member of the project team can input their opinion on what will be needed to reach a quick and efficient conclusion. If there is still work to be done, but you do not want to create a new position, labor can be delegated. You can give each member new approval access and shift their responsibilities as situations demand.

Microsoft Dynamics SL Web apps are designed to be easy to use. They offer the same intuitive data-sharing tools as previous Microsoft Dynamics products and have added convenience. The new Web apps allow your employees to conduct business on the devices they enjoy working with in their personal life.

The interface will size and scale to your employees’ chosen device and be easy to use and update. Some of the tools the apps provide are specifically designed to make on-the-go projects simpler. For example, if your project demands worldwide travel, the apps include a currency exchange feature.

The software can be configured to meet your company’s specific demands. When you are integrating Microsoft Dynamics solutions, work with a software provider that will help you find every available advantage of these new updates.

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