Achieve simplicity and efficiency with EBizCharge

May 8, 2020 Allie

Achieve simplicity and efficiency with EBizCharge

From multiple soft drinks to a plethora of potato chip  brands, consumer society is chock full of options. The way people pay for various products and services also runs the proverbial gamut. Cash, credit card, debit card, mobile wallet and more; the mode and means of spending are numerous.


According to a recent poll conducted by Blackhawk Network, 52% of respondents said using a credit card was their preferred method of payment, well ahead of cash (43%) and debit card (42%).


While simplicity is the name of the game when you’re serving a customer base that has come to expect convenience – never mind request it – accepting multiple forms of payment is often easier said than done due to various implementation and integration challenges.


But with EBizCharge, you can seamlessly and conveniently connect your customers’ preferred payment options, so they’re neatly rolled into one.


What is EBizCharge?
EBizCharge just may be the most convenient payment system that works with the Microsoft Dynamics solutions on the market today. There are a variety of reasons why, but the main one is, it allows you to keep using Microsoft Dynamics, so there is no need to go through the hassle of uninstalling and learning an entirely new interface.


For instance, if you have Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics 366 Business Central (formally Dynamics NAV) or Microsoft Dynamics SL EBizCharge can help you quickly and conveniently accept credit and debit payments by downloading the sales orders; refunds, receive payments, create invoices; and refunds and credits modules. The PCI-compliant gateway is designed with your needs in mind.


You can purchase it as a package, featuring all the modules, such as Integrations, eCommerce, EMV Terminals and Mobile Payments, or a la carte, meaning only the modules that are geared for your current POS, ERP or CRM software.


In short, EBizCharge is designed to work together but each module stands on its own.


All major credit cards accepted
Even though more people are paying by credit card these days, businesses often pick and choose the ones they accept. That can be frustrating for customers who only have one available.


This isn’t a problem with EBizCharge. Mastercard, Discover, American Express and Visa, all major credit cards are accepted without the outrageous fees, which allow you to pass on the savings on to your budget-conscious customers.


Enhances mobility
In addition to options, your customers also want portability. Hard-wired POS systems and servers often prevent this from happening, as your customers must come to you to check out rather than you going to them. With the virtual terminal, you can accept payments at any time, from anywhere.


Cloud-based and intuitive, the virtual terminal allows you to accept ACH payments, credit cards and gift cards simply by pulling up your internet browser as you would for other online tasks. You can even pick up where you left off by accessing customers’ most recent transactions regardless of the device you use, be it your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.


Saves time and hassle
Time management is an essential part of running a business. Much of your day-to-day tasks may involve chasing down invoices that remain outstanding. The Customer Payment Portal  reduces the run around by giving your customers a convenient way to pay on their own using credit cards or ACH. They can add, edit and delete their cards on their own and enter their banking information as well as download their paid invoice history.


Invoices are uploaded frm Dynamics seamlessly, email reminders can be automatically sent to clients, and staff can receive push notifications as to when payments are made at the very moment they come in. This allows you to save as much as 12+ hours per week in what you would normally spend on tracking down payments and enable you to collect payments three times faster. With EBizCharge, you’ll never have to make another payment collection call. You can do it entirely online or by setting up email reminders that get distributed when you decide.


EBizCharge redefines simplicity both for your personnel as well as your customers. The TM Group can help you get it setup and working with your Microsoft Dynamics solution. Please contact us today to learn more about this integrated payment solution.







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