3 ways a CRM can transform your business

June 27, 2017 TM Group

3 ways a CRM can transform your business

Let Microsoft Dynamics 365 be your company's game changer.

If you feel like your business is stuck in a rut, it’s time to transform your business. We believe you can start by integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 into your current business model. 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes powerful customer relationship management software that can improve everything from marketing and sales to customer satisfaction. 

Here are three ways this awesome system can transform your company this year:

1. Enhance workflow
CRMs act as a single point of contact for employees who need information pertaining to their customers. Companies that rely on – whether they have to or choose to – archaic manual data processing are more likely to record incorrect data and isolate portions of their employee-base from accessing key information. The end result: These workers can’t easily or readily exchange information, collaborate with their employees and make accurate, high-level decisions.

CRMs enhance workflow by streamlining communication and improving data flow. In turn, this can increase productivity and improve workplace efficiency. 

2. Improve data organization
There are plenty of systems companies can use to record data. One popular cloud platform is Google documents, which allows people to write and record data in the cloud. While a system like this is useful for smaller, growing companies, it can become difficult to manage this growing data as the business scales. A CRM such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 stores all of this data in one easy-to-use portal and grows with the company. 

Ken Jacobsen, vice president of The TM Group, said that one of Microsoft Dynamics 365’s great features is its ability to adapt to any business or setting. Companies shouldn’t have to “get used to their CRM” because this inhibits their employees. Instead it should afford employees an easier route to gathering and analyze the business data they need quickly service customers and make decisions.

“One of the strengths of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is that it can be custom tailored to a client’s specific needs,” said Jacobsen. “And this doesn’t have to be done by a developer. It’s actually very easy for a business analysis type of person to actually open the application and customize the views and the screens without actually having to know how to do any coding.” 

3. Increase employee engagement and happiness
Employees who aren’t engaged is a problem because it inhibits a company’s ability to turn a profit. Gallup recently reported that only
32 percent of employees in the U.S. are engaged in their jobs. This means they aren’t very devoted or excited about where they work or what they do. 

While CRMs don’t directly increase employee engagement – they can’t throw a party or provide rewards and benefits – they can indirectly give workers greater incentive to perform more meaningful work. 

How does this happen?

Employees who have more data in front of them can make more accurate, better decisions which can have a greater impact on their organizations. And for younger generations this is pivotal. Gallup reported that millennials feel “unconstrained,” and are always wanting to make changes to the world. They’re also a very optimistic group and therefore want their work to be meaningful. 

When you adopt Microsoft Dynamics 365, you give your employees greater insights into the data they need to effectively do their jobs all while using a simple dashboard. 

Stop wasting time this year. Transformation doesn’t happen on its own. It takes place when you use Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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